Blackgrass consisted of Scott Sinner - bass & vocals Kevin Walford - guitar Joshua Hall - banjo Christian Lange - violin Roman Karpynec - drums Show/album reviews. To contact Blackgrass see Blackgrass performed and recorded for nearly 4 years resulting in two albums. Blackgrass was once described-- “With its driving electric upright bass, hot-blooded gypsy violin, rock banjo, and jazz influenced percussion, BLACKGRASS is an oddity in a world of clearly defined musical genres. It's an uncommon mixture: some of its fans call it jazz grass; others have nicknamed the sound "banjo rock," "postapunkalyptic," and... "a little weird."  A zealous and spirited following pack BLACKGRASS shows... any performance brings together an eclectic group of fans who enjoy the band's curious mixture of dark lyrics and live-wire instrumentation. Scott Sinner the group's lead vocalist and bass player quips: "We're a little like Tom Waits gone alternative country."  Prior to experimenting with multiple genres, Scott cut his musical teeth listening to bands like Fugazi and Helmet and playing with hardcore-punk groups like Oscar and Sunday School. Joshua Hall, the band's banjo player grew up in a family of wall-to-wall, Cumberland Plateau bluegrass musicians and went on to collaborate as a drummer with different rock bands. Roman Karpynec, whose roots are in rock and jazz, is also an actor and filmmaker whose film debuts at the 2003 Valleyfest. Finally, Christian Lange, BLACKGRASS' violinist, adds a Latin /Eastern European flavor to the mix. From Santiago, Chile, Christian blends Latin rock  influences like Manu Chao and Ozomatli with "my all-time violin heros like Stephane Grappelli and Jean Luc Ponte." "Crooked Legs" Walford has played many types of rock. Including the band Sunday School which he and Scott had been in. He had been a contributing song writer prior to joining.” Blackgrass was fortunate to be able to perform with an array of interesting musicians. Full show history here.